Why Slyde?

Know Where

Whether kids are taking the school bus or not, you need to know whats going on and WHERE. Slyde uses live data to detect and deal with security incidents instantly.

  • Stay informed about your students' statuses on their way to school, assuring no one has gone lost.
  • Get immediately notified about any delay, rerouting and other potential issues.
  • Monitor buses on an interactive map and compare predefined routes to actual rides.

Know When

Whether you are an excited student, a worried parent or a determined staff member, Slyde allows you to know of every change to the daily routine, live.

  • Know exactly where your buses are and where they are supposed to be.
  • Know when the bus arrives at your station.
  • Slyde will automatically check for threats to your children and bus, notifiying immediately once one is found.

Know What

Managing buses and students lists using Excel® tables is outdated. Slyde provides you with a convenient administrative tools that make your life a whole lot simpler.

  • Keep track of your routes and rides in various displays in our handy website.
  • Modify your services quickly and easily, and notify relevant users automatically.
  • Watch and analyze cumulative data about your passengers, drivers and vehicles.