An Innovative take on children security during school hours

The times call for proactive information. Slyde automatically gives you the important information to keep your children safe.

Slyde is for Everyone

School transportation is not just about buses. Slyde is devoted to be beneficial for each and every user, from a kid awaiting his bus up to the school administration


Manage your students & buses better

Get updates about your children, and follow your vehicles on map during rides. Optimize routes, bus stops and assignments automatically, giving the most secure experience to your students. Never miss anomalies in your routine.


Never stress out again

Receive children status notifications and immediate schedule updates. Get to know  your kid's routine. Report changes through your phone.


The timeless wait is over

Receive alerts ahead-of-time. Get notified about service changes. Know exactly when the bus arrives.

Slyde is Everywhere

Transportation management is not limited to your desk. Slyde is available from every computer and smartphone


Slyde management portal for school administration, available in the top right corner.


Slyde application for parents and students, available for free in App Store and Google Play.

GPS Tracker

Slyde hardware for vehicles, connected to our servers to enable live tracking and updates.